Personal Injury Lawyer Making Hospital Visits Throughout Alabama

Our Alabama personal injury lawyers understand that quite often after an accident, you may not be able to get around very well. That is why the personal injury lawyers with The Law Offices of Phillip Garrison Wedgworth will come to you. For your convenience, just call us to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation at your home, office, the hospital or anywhere. There is no additional cost for this service.

It is our way of showing that our clients’ well-being comes first. Our personal injury lawyers will come to your house or the hospital to discuss your case. No office visit is required. We can be contacted by telephone, or you are welcome to visit us at one of our many offices in Alabama.
Home and hospital visits can usually be arranged within two hours after contacting one of our attorneys. Our team of attorneys, legal administrators, investigators and assistants thoroughly explore the details and facts of your case. We can locate witnesses, obtain witness statements and take photographs.

After suffering a personal injury, it is important to document both the injuries to the person, vehicle and other property involved, as well as the scene of the accident. The Alabama personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Phillip Garrison Wedgworth can help with everything. Since many of our personal injury cases involve motor vehicle accidents, we associate with a number of expert witnesses, including an accident reconstruction analyst. Expert witnesses may be consulted, if necessary, and used to evaluate your case or at trial if your case proceeds to trial.
Our full-time staff also includes an office manager, paralegals and other secretarial staff who have the highest level of dedication to your best interests and well-being. Please contact us today to discuss your situation at home, the hospital or in one of our offices.

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